Resit Exam

June 14, Wednesday 2017

at 10:00


Make-up Exam

June 6 Tuesday, 2017

at 13:00


II.Midterm Exam

May 12 Friday, 2017

at 14:20- NA-06


I.Midterm Exam

March 31 Friday, 2017

at 13:20- LA14




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ziya Esen

Materials Science and Engineering Department, NB-16

Tel: 0312 233 1395



Expert Ezgi Bütev,

Materials Science and Engineering Dept. NB-09,


Tel: 0312 233 2330


Course Schedule

Lecture Hours       :   Wednesday 09:20-11:10 (NB-06)                          

Laboratory Hours   :    Wednesday      13:20-17:10 (section 01)

                                         Friday          09:20-13:10 (section 02)

                                         Friday          13:20-17:10 (section 03)





Course Description

The course presents major components of materials characterization essential to the understanding of the physical properties of solids. Different microstructures will be produced by different heat treatment techniques. Samples for metallography will be prepared.  Microstructure investigations will be performed mostly using optical microscope. Mechanical tests will be performed; and process-microstructure-property relation will be discussed in detail.